Based on system design inputs, Microflex engineers are able to design a custom part that will suit your unique application. To do this, we utilize a variety of  in-house analytical capabilities and guidelines , such as EJMA standards, 3D solid modeling, state of the art non-linear finite element analysis, and predictive life cycle methodologies. These can be performed at both the component or system level.

Once the prototype design is completed and the initial parts are made, the part is subjected to initial validation testing and may require further design consideration depending on the results.

Although the component may appear as a simple device, it is in fact a highly engineered component.  At the OEM level, it is not an off the shelf part (although, in some cases, existing components can be used for initial data collection). When you consider the highly stressed environment that may be experienced by this part, material choice as well as geometry play a significant role in bellows design, functionality, and life.

With today’s high powered engines, temperature and vibration are major contributors to part failure.  At Microflex, we are extremely aware of these pitfalls in design, and therefore strive, along with the customer, to design a part that will endure these harsh conditions.

We also hold patents on a few unique design solutions and have proven to be able to provide reliable and functional solutions for your needs.