Microflex Automotive maintains an Environmental Management System to improve its environmental management and, ultimately, to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations, activities, products, and services.

Within the framework of our Environmental Management System we commit to:

  • Identify materials, processes, products, and wastes that cause or may cause pollution. We will implement measures to avoid, reduce or control pollution where technically and economically viable.
  • Comply with applicable Federal, State, and Local environmental laws, regulations, codes of practice, and other environmental requirements to which Microflex subscribes. To achieve and maintain compliance, we will develop and maintain management systems for identifying relevant requirements and establishing goals.

  • We will evaluate the effectiveness of and continually improve our Environmental Management System in order to achieve our environmental goals and prevent pollution incidents.

  • We will educate those working for or on behalf of Microflex Automotive and liaise with our vendors, contractors, and customers where it is applicable to meet legal and other requirements.

  • We maintain an Environmental Management System that considers the interests of the public and of the habitat.  We consider waste reduction in every process we undertake and make it a top priority in order to protect the environment, in which we live and work.